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In Business & Education

Take your learning and development programs to the next level with Striving Styles reports that build leadership and employee effectiveness as well as maximize learning in any setting.

Too often, developmental approaches do not get to the heart of what drives behavior, and as a result, they fail to have an impact. With the Striving Style reports for Business, you now have the precise tools you need to get leaders and employees to fully engage in directing their behavior toward desired outcomes, rather than being at the mercy of their automatic behaviors, emotional reactions and habits of mind. Educators benefit from insights about brain functioning and the emotional needs and drives that can impact classroom dynamics and student learning.

Teaching Style Report

A critical ingredient! in the classroom is a teacher’s understanding of how they seek to get needs met and the impact it can have on student experiences. If a teacher seeks to only meet their own need in their approach to teaching, their students’ needs gets frustrated causing them to shut down in the learning process. This 26-page report helps you to set the stage for your students to achieve their potential and maximize their learning, while eliminating emotional acting out that gets in the way of classroom dynamics.

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Also available in DIGITAL FORMAT ($15.00)

Brain-based Leadership Report Using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®


The way we behave in our role as leaders is dependant on how our brain is organized and what emotional needs must be met for us to be at our best. The first step in building self-awareness as a leader is to know your MBTI Type or Striving Style. Learn more about your communication style, how you build relationships and the type of employees that you prefer to work with and why. 

Based on your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or Striving Styles results, the information in this report will help deepen your understanding of your preferred functions and how you can best use it to self-actualize as a leader. A "must-have" for any leadership development or coaching program to understand your leadership behavior and how it impacts your employees and those around you!


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