Career Management

Career Management

The power of knowing who we are meant to be leads us to being able to more successfully identify what are we meant to do. The knowledge that the Striving Styles Personality System provides to practitioners in Career Planning, Career Management or Guidance Counseling will assist greatly in targeting those areas that are certain to meet the predominant needs of your clients.

Considering the amount of time and energy people invest in their work and careers over the course of a lifetime, making sure that you help your clients to choose the right job or career is critical to their happiness and sense of personal fulfillment.

An individual’s career is too important to be left to chance, and many individuals seek career guidance because, for them, it is a monumental decision that will impact the rest of their life.  Often clients are confused about what to do, don’t know what they want or what is available, or are overwhelmed by the choices available to them. People may make career choices based on what their parents want, or what society tells them is the “right” choice. Or they can be left with no guidance and simply take what comes there way. When career choices are not made based on satisfying an individual’s predominant need, this can lead to simply surviving and not thriving in the workplace. The wrong choices can lead to low self-esteem and, frequently, a sense of career failure.

What Gets in the Way of Career Satisfaction?

Career dissatisfaction is a result of frustrated needs. Once people get past the initial satisfaction of a paycheck, need satisfaction is what keeps them motivated to achieve, develop and thrive in the workplace. When people’s predominant needs are placed first, and they strive to get their individual need met at work, their satisfaction increases; complaining decreases; and people feel empowered to take on the challenges that work presents.

Even when appropriate choices are made in the career field, individuals can get halted in their advancement by the barriers that are created when their needs are not being met.  They may take on a role within their field to advance their career, only to discover that, while the industry is right, the role is wrong. Or they may encounter a relationship with a leader who does not understand or meet their needs for career development. Situations are likely to arise in a career where misunderstandings about motivation become barriers as well. Striving Styles offers a way for you to help your clients make the best possible choices for working at the career they were meant to have.

An Essential Tool for Career Planning and Management

When you and your client are able to understand what their predominant need is, you are able to guide their career planning from the perspective of the opportunities it will provide them to get that need met. It will also allow your clients to look at whether or not a career will bring them together with leaders who are likely to facilitate their development as employees. It narrows down choices and eliminates much of the guesswork.

  • Don’t allow your clients to settle for simply surviving at work; use the SSPS to show them how to thrive
  • Assist clients in learning to proactively face their fears and to go after the career they are meant to have
  • Provide tools to your clients that will help them to stop complaining about their work and to do something about it
  •  Knowing what they need in their careers puts them in the driver’s seat; help clients to take charge of their future
  • Develop a career path and a plan of action for career growth
  • Help clients move past barriers to moving to the next level in their careers using the Developmental Framework

Learn more about how you can use the SSPS to accelerate your development today! Our reports and webinars support you to keep you moving and on track.



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