MBTI® Practitioner Fast-Track Programs

MBTI® Practitioner Fast-Track Programs

Already using the MBTI® or other Jungian sorter in your developmental programs? Integrate neuroscience and emotional intelligence with your knowledge of personality type using the Striving Styles Personality System. We make it easy for you to convert!

You've read the literature and taken the webinars, and now you'd like to take immediate advantage of the Striving Styles Personality System. We are here for you.

SSPS Resource Guide for MBTI® Practitioners

Your quickest & most cost effective way to getting started with the Striving Styles. Written specifically for MBTI Practitioners, this guide provides you with a new perspective of each of the 16 Types based on brain organizaiton and their psycholgical needs. Just purchase the Resource Guide, complete an SSPS Assessment and provide us with your MBTI® Certification Number and we will set you up with all the benefits of being a SSPS Practitioner. Learn more about the Resource Guide...

Live 7-week Webinar Program

Participate in this 90-minute weekly program designed specifically for MBTI practitioners wanting to learn more about converting to the Striving Styles and to have the opportunity to engage with the creators. Enrolment in this program includes access to the 19 e-learning modules of our Qualifying Program. Learn more...

One-on-one Coaching or Group Supervision

For individuals wanting individualized training and support as you integrate the SSPS into your practice, this program is ideal. We train people in advanced strategies for the application of the Striving Styles to the entire spectrum of human challenges and offer practice supervison groups tailored to your specific scenarios, circumstances and contexts. Expedite your own development so you can expedite your clients' development. Our experts can also help you with marketing and/or influence strategies. Learn more...

Fast track your use of the SSPS today! Learn more through our introductory webinars, or order your Resource Guide now.

Don't wait to bring neuroscience and emotional intelligence into your work with personality type.


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Bring a new perspective based on an understanding of brain organization and the innate needs that drive behavior. LEARN MORE

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As a SSPS Practitioner, you save 50% off the purchase of our comprehensive reports on each Style in a variety of applications, e.g., leadership, career, relationships. Learn more...