Drivers of Human Behavior

Drivers of Human Behavior

No other personality system has identified the instinctual forces that drive behavior. With a misguided focus on strengths and weaknesses or preferences, the MBTI® and others can't and don't provide an in-depth explanation of what is causing behavior and influencing habits of mind. With each of the Striving Styles, you'll identify root causes of behaviors and then change those behaviors for the better.

Tap Directly into the Source  — Needs

Human needs are the source of motivation for all behavior and social interaction, but rarely do traditional assessment tools explore these needs in any detail. The SSPS is the only needs-based system in the marketplace, helping to unearth these unconscious impulses and get them satisfied. The result is better performance, the fulfillment of potential, and the achievement of goals.

Explore the Evolutionary Brain & Its Systems

The latest research techniques recently made the psychological systems of the brain observable for the first time in human history. The SSPS includes strategies to understand these systems which are key to driving our behavior and our emotional responses. We've developed the first comprehensive framework that helps people to understand these brain systems and learn to consciously change how they behave in order to move towards their goals. 

Discover Why Attachment Drives Behavior

Attachment theory describes the dynamics of relationships between humans. It refers to the emotional connection or the strength of the relationship between one person and another and especially between an infant and primary caregiver. Like children, we continue to need relationships to grow and develop in any aspect of our lives. The SSPS incorporates these principles in its Developmental Framework, showing clients how to leverage their relationships with practitioners or others to shift from emotionally-driven behaviors and habits of mind.

Get beyond the superficial to access and leverage the true drivers of behavior. We've only just gotten started, so try our free, no-obligation introductory webinar to find out more.

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