Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Empower leaders to leverage employee motivation so they can foster exceptional team performance with the Striving Styles Personality System. Use a sophisticated framework based on advanced neuroscience to help leaders maximize potential and fulfill both personal and organizational goals.

Leaders are charged with the task of directing a collection of distinct personalities toward a common vision with synergy and group cohesiveness. That's a tall order, but a step-by-step guidebook for getting it done is within reach with the Striving Styles. And the SSPS is unlike anything you've tried before. It's simple, it's results-oriented, and it provides the kind of ROI you'd expect from any other portion of your business.

Discover the Unique Patterns of Leadership Behaviors 

Self-awareness is the first key benefit that leaders using the SSPS will experience right away. As individuals begin to comprehend their own preferences and the underlying forces that direct them, they gain a better appreciation of their own Styles and unique abilities. Examining behavior is one thing, but examining the true drivers of behavior — needs and emotions — takes leadership performance to an entirely different level.

By adopting this breakthrough approach, leaders have the opportunity to literally remap their brains, shifting their own behaviors to motivate and influence others of different Styles. They become accepting of the work styles of others, and they stop relying on just their own frame of reference. It's a revelation, and it really works.

Create Nimble Leaders for Today's Business Environment

The SSPS creates versatility and adaptability using simple yet powerful strategies. Leaders learn to open themselves up to different perspectives and new ways of thinking. The results are immediate: more effective problem-solving, faster resolution of conflicts, better communication, and improved employee performance. Through adjustments as required in each situation, a leader rises to meet the challenges in the workplace for better results.

Help leaders achieve their full potential with the SSPS. Webinars, reports, and other resources designed just for businesses and leaders are a few clicks away. Give your leaders a roadmap to success and put your development program to work by becoming a Qualified Practitioner today.

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The SSPS can enhance any leadership development process. Find out how. LEARN MORE...>

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Employees are often frustrated when they can't get through to their leaders. Help them understand how using the SSPS. LEARN MORE...>