Attachment Systems

Attachment Systems

What role does attachment play in our brain's development and in relationships? Only the Striving Styles Personality System equips you with the knowledge and the tools to understand our critical attachment systems and then repattern those systems for your clients.

John Bowlby's Attachment Theory has been described as the dominant approach to understanding early socio-emotional and personality development. The SSPS incorporates this insight, translating it into real results and actionable strategies for your clients. Learn how to repattern the development of the structural right brain systems involved in the processing of emotion, modulation of stress and self-regulation.

Understand the Patterns of Attachment

So much of behavior and personality is profoundly shaped by the nature of the bond between child and primary caregiver, called the Pattern of Attachment, and whether this bond is secure or insecure. Building on what Bowlby and others pioneered, Striving Styles takes this revelation a step further. Through the SSPS developmental framework, you can create a step-by-step roadmap for identifying these Patterns of Attachment for your client. You can then help them realize concrete improvement by changing the very organization of their brain.  

Achieve Meaningful Relationships Through Repatterning

Dysfunctional bonding and failure to develop secure patterns of attachment leave people with the inability to feel safe; to develop meaningful connections with others; to deal with stress and adversity; to recover from disappointment and loss; and to live life with a sense of purpose and curiosity. Striving Styles addresses all of these in simple ways your clients can understand.

With the SSPS' comprehensive toolkit, you can guide your client into a conscious process to help them understand their personality type, their needs and their attachment patterns. This is invaluable insight that can be immediately applied to new relationships for which a new pattern, a new secure bond, must be created. The SSPS' unique Roadmap to Development is the best way to achieve this, and converting to the SSPS will provide extraordinary value to your services as a coach, therapist, or practitioner.

Discover how you can help your clients get their relationships needs met using the SSPS. Shift your focus from merely changing behavior to addressing the root drivers of behavior. Start with our free introductory webinar.





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Clients can easily break dysfunctional relationship patterns with the SSPS. LEARN MORE...»

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Secure attachments allow the child to explore and master their world. Insecure attachments leave children anxious and afraid to try. These behaviors continue into adulthood. LEARN MORE...»