In Business & Education

In Business & Education

Take your learning and development programs to the next level with Striving Styles reports that build leadership and employee effectiveness as well as maximize learning in any setting.

Too often, developmental approaches do not get to the heart of what drives behavior, and as a result, they fail to have an impact. With the Striving Style reports for Business, you now have the precise tools you need to get leaders and employees to fully engage in directing their behavior toward desired outcomes, rather than being at the mercy of their automatic behaviors, emotional reactions and habits of mind. Educators benefit from insights about brain functioning and the emotional needs and drives that can impact classroom dynamics and student learning.

Leadership Style Report

When it comes to leadership development, the easy thing is knowing what to do. The hard part is actually doing it! There is a difference between thinking of being a leader and being a leader.  Understand how you most like to lead and what is most important to you so you can build a clear plan for becoming the leader You are meant to be.

The information in this report will help deepen your understanding of your energy and how you can best use it to self-actualize as a leader. A great tool for any leadership development or coaching program. To excel in your leadership style, and understand your leadership behavior, inner impulses and goals, order and read the Leadership Style report today!


Also available in DIGITAL FORMAT ($18.00)

Work Style Report

Our Work Style report gives you insight into how, at work, you seek to get your need met, your need satisfiers and dissatisfiers, self-protective and self-actualizing behaviors, as well as how to leverage your brain to achieve your potential in your career. 

The information in this report will provide you with powerful insight into your unique Work Style. You’ll learn about your Work Style and build awareness and understanding of the inner impulses, attitudes and behaviors which influence your Work Style. Order our Work Style Report and you will see that you can choose the behaviors that are most likely to move you toward desired outcomes at work and get your needs met today!


Also available in DIGITAL FORMAT ($18.00)

Maximizing Leadership Potential

Discover what drives the behaviour of leaders with this comprehensive resource on each of the 8 innate leadership styles based on the Striving Styles Personality System.

The information in this report will help deepen your understanding of the leadership style of each Striving Style, as well as how to help leaders to self-actualize and achieve their full potential.

It is an invaluable resource for anyone involved in selecting, managing, coaching or developing leaders.


Maximizing Employee Potential Report

Fully engaged and motivated employees are a necessity to the success of any business. Covering all eight Striving Styles, this comprehensive book is invaluable to anyone involved in selecting, managing or developing employees, as it explains what drives behavior in employees and how to maximize their potential.

The Employee Profiles of each of the Styles helps managers and the employees understand individual talents, unique abilities, stressors and needs. Do you want to: Improve the effectiveness of yourself and your employeesRetain more employees and attract new talent to your organization?  Order our Maximizing Employee Potential Report Today!


Maximizing Career Potential

Our Career Style Report offers powerful insight into the type of career your Personality Type/Striving Style is best suited to based on the predominant need of each of the Styles. It shows the elements of work that are most intrinsically satisfying versus those that are more likely to frustrate your predominant need and are therefore dissatisfying for you.

The information provided in this book will help you understand the need satisfiers and dissatisfiers of your Personality Type or Striving Style to ensure the career, job and the organization will meet your needs. It also provides tips for interviewing. With this information, you can make choices that are most likely to move you in the direction of the career and future you desire. 


Also available in DIGITAL FORMAT ($18.00)

SSPS Behavioral Interview Guide

A must for leaders, HR practitioners and recruiters! This essential guide provides you with the interview questions you need to really understand a candidate's brain organization based on the Striving Styles Personality System. No more guessing at selection. Use this guide to explore candidate's Striving Style Squad, whether they are self-protective or self-actualizing and implications for role performance. Get past a candidate's story to truly understand the capabilities and motivation they will bring to bear on your organization. 



Also available in DIGITAL FORMAT ($37.50)