In Business & Education

In Business & Education

Take your learning and development programs to the next level with Striving Styles reports that build leadership and employee effectiveness as well as maximize learning in any setting.

Too often, developmental approaches do not get to the heart of what drives behavior, and as a result, they fail to have an impact. With the Striving Style reports for Business, you now have the precise tools you need to get leaders and employees to fully engage in directing their behavior toward desired outcomes, rather than being at the mercy of their automatic behaviors, emotional reactions and habits of mind. Educators benefit from insights about brain functioning and the emotional needs and drives that can impact classroom dynamics and student learning.

Maximizing Your Career Potential Book Series

The Maximizing Your Career Potential book series offers powerful insight into the type of career your Personality Type/Striving Style is best suited to based on the predominant need of each of the Styles. It shows the elements of work that are most intrinsically satisfying versus those that are more likely to frustrate your predominant need and are therefore dissatisfying for you.

The information provided in this book will help you understand the need satisfiers and dissatisfiers of your Personality Type or Striving Style to ensure the career, job and the organization will meet your needs. It also provides tips for interviewing. With this information, you can make choices that are most likely to move you in the direction of the career and future you desire. 


Also available in DIGITAL FORMAT ($20.00)

Maximizing Your Employee Potential

Our Work Style report gives you insight into how, at work, you seek to get your need met, your need satisfiers and dissatisfiers, self-protective and self-actualizing behaviors, as well as how to leverage your brain to achieve your potential in your career. 

The information in this report will provide you with powerful insight into your unique Work Style. You’ll learn about your Work Style and build awareness and understanding of the inner impulses, attitudes and behaviors which influence your Work Style. Order our Work Style Report and you will see that you can choose the behaviors that are most likely to move you toward desired outcomes at work and get your needs met today!


Also available in DIGITAL FORMAT ($15.00)

Brain-based Behavioural Interview Guide - Using the MBTI® and Striving Styles®

Have you ever wondered what motivates you to do the things you do in life? Wonder why you behave in a particular way in situations or act the way you do in relationships? This book is your starting point; it is all about you and your self-awareness. Self-awareness is always the first step in development; it includes recognition of our personality, learning what activates our self-protective behaviors, and understanding our predominant needs. Understanding and accepting how your brain is organized and how to maximize your potential is the first step on the path to self-awareness. The information in this book will help deepen your understanding of your energy and allow you to build a path for becoming who you are meant to be.





Also available in DIGITAL FORMAT ($15.00)

Maximizing Your Leadership Potential Book Series

Leadership development; the easiest part is knowing.  As a leader do you want to understand your leadership behavior, inner impulses, attitudes and goals? Understand the needs and motivations of your employees? Increase your effectiveness and satisfaction as a leader? 

The information in this report will help deepen your understanding of the leadership style of each Striving Style, as well as how to help leaders to self-actualize and achieve their full potential. Order our Maximizing Leader Potential Report now!  It is an invaluable resource for any involved in selecting, managing or developing leaders.


Maximizing Employee Potential Report

Fully engaged and motivated employees are a necessity to the success of any business. Covering all eight Striving Styles, this comprehensive book is invaluable to anyone involved in selecting, managing or developing employees, as it explains what drives behavior in employees and how to maximize their potential.

The Employee Profiles of each of the Styles helps managers and the employees understand individual talents, unique abilities, stressors and needs. Do you want to: Improve the effectiveness of yourself and your employeesRetain more employees and attract new talent to your organization?  Order our Maximizing Employee Potential Report Today!


SSPS Resource Guide for MBTI Practitioners - Fast-track your conversion to the SSPS

Take your expertise in personality type to the next level by integrating neuroscience, needs theory and emotional intelligence into your approach with the Striving Styles Personality System. This comprehensive Resource Guide written specifically for Myers-Briggs (MBTI) practitioners provides you with all the information you need to get started using the SSPS today.


Set of Discontinued General & Leadership Style Reports + Bonus: 16 Summary Reports

Purchase a set of discontinued General & Leadership Style Reports and receive 2 Summary Reports on each Style. A total savings of $450.

A comprehensive resource kit to support your learning and application as a SSPS Practitioner. Our Summary Reports are 4-pages and serve as a great as a quick reference or for promotional purposes. Package includes a set of our discontinued General Reports and Leadership Style Reports (one for each Style) and two Summary Reports for each Style. Quantities are limited!!


Leadership Style Discontinued Report Set

Purchase a set of our discontinued Leadership Style Reports, one on each Style for a savings of $100. These discontinued reports contain the same information on leadership style of the Striving Style as the current reports, but have different content at the beginning and the end. Unlike our current reports, they do not include information on the developmental priorities for the Style.

Excellent as a resource to support your learning and application as a SSPS Practitioner. Quantities are limited!


Maximizing Team Potential Report

Report will be available soon. Please visit us again shortly!


Teaching Style Report

A critical ingredient! in the classroom is a teacher’s understanding of how they seek to get needs met and the impact it can have on student experiences. If a teacher seeks to only meet their own need in their approach to teaching, their students’ needs gets frustrated causing them to shut down in the learning process. This 26-page report helps you to set the stage for your students to achieve their potential and maximize their learning, while eliminating emotional acting out that gets in the way of classroom dynamics.

Report will be available soon. Please visit us again shortly!


Also available in DIGITAL FORMAT ($15.00)