SSPS Qualifying Programs

SSPS Qualifying Programs

Become a Qualified Striving Styles Practitioner and learn how to help clients achieve real, lasting results

Becoming an SSPS Qualified Practitioner will help you achieve new levels of success as a coach, consultant, human resource or other mental health care professional. It provides you with:

  • a way to help people quickly understand the how the cognitive functions of their brain are organized
  • a step-by-step approach to shifting dysfunctional behavior and expediting development
  • a way to leverage knowledge of personality type
  • the ability to discuss and explore the emotional drivers of behavior and how to engage people in their work, relationships and their life
  • the tools you need to work with individuals, teams and organizations
  • the tools to integrate the Striving Styles into training & development; selection & retention; competency-based performance management; leadership development; and employee engagement programs
  • and more

SSPS Qualifying Program has learning options that suit your needs

We make becoming a Qualified Practitioner as easy as possible. You can choose our series of e-learning modules on your own time and at your own pace, or participate in our live webinar program or in-person workshops. Either way, our programs are more flexible and cost effective than traditional certification programs. And while your investment is modest, the knowledge and skills you'll take away as well as the tools you have access to are invaluable. (Already an MBTI Practitioner? Check out our fast-track options.) 

SSPS Qualifying Program (QP) – E-Learning Webinars:

Our recorded online Qualifying Program involves 19 modules equating to approximately 16 hours of instruction. They allow you to build your knowledge base about the Striving Styles and provide you with key resource as you always have access to them. Buy all 19 modules at once for $475 and save, or purchase each module as you go.

SSPS Qualifying Program (QP) – Live Webinar Program:

Prefer to be able to engage with an audience and the facilitator, but don't want to travel for it? Our 8-week live webinar program enhances the E-learning modules by providing you with a forum to engage with the creators of the SSPS to more fully understand each of the eight Styles and their path for development. Only $675, this program includes the 8 week webinar program and all 19 e-learning modules as well. Check out upcoming dates.

SSPS Qualifying Program (QP) – In-Person Program:

Prefer to learn in a group experience and don't mind travelling? Join us for one of our upcoming 2-day workshops where you get to participate actively in learning exercises using the SSPS. Cost of $875 includes the 2-day workshop and all 19 e-learning modules as well. Check out upcoming dates.

SSPS Practitioner Coaching & Group Supervision:

Want to fast-track your use of the SSPS? We offer both coaching programs as well as supervised practitioner groups that provide you with the opportunity to get customized support for using the SSPS.  

Following the completion any of these QP Programs, you will be required to write an online test to qualify. That's it! From there, you'll be able to administer the SSPS Level I Assessment and expand your services with all of the Level I resources in the Striving Styles toolkit.

Want More Information?

Watch our introductory video or sign up for our introductory webinars and decide for yourself whether you'd like to increase your developmental impact by becoming a Striving Styles Qualified Practitioner. Go deeper and more fully into the human experience by exploring the impact of the more dynamic aspects of our brain, needs, emotions, and conditioning on our personality. 

Or, get started today. Sign up for the E-learning Qualifying Program. Realize your potential and help your clients to do the same with Striving Styles. 


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If you already have a practice; would like to start a career in the helping professions; or want to better understand the people in your life, watch our introductory videos.

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SAVE MONEY! Qualified SSPS Practitioner have access to Level I Assessments and Resources at a 50% discount off regular prices.

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Take as long as you like to do the SSPS Qualifying Program by doing individual e-learning over time. Or, sign up for one of our 'live' programs which also gives you access to the e-learning modules.

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With the Striving Styles, you get access to a comprehensive set of reports, webinars, workshop and marketing materials, in addition to the SSPS Assessment! Learn more...