General Reports for your Style & Squad

General Reports for your Style & Squad

Put yourself in the driver’s seat of your life with your own personal user manual! A critical resource for anyone wanting to understand what drives their behavior and how to self-actualize to become who they are meant to be.

Self-awareness is the first step in your journey towards becoming who you are meant to be. Once you know your Predominant Striving Style and your Striving Style Squad, the next step is to learn more about each Style, as well as how each member of your Squad can be leveraged to help you to achieve your potential. Taking the assessment is not enough – get to know your brain now with these foundational reports.

Choose from printed hard copy (shipped) or digital (download) versions of the reports. Digital versions include restrictions: view only (cannot be printed) and accessible only by purchaser (require login to access).

General Report for Your Style

Have you ever wondered what motivates you to do the things you do in life? Wonder why you behave in a particular way in situations or act the way you do in relationships? This report is your starting point; it is all about you and your self-awareness.

The first step on your developmental roadmap. Learn about your Striving Style, including the innate talents and behaviors it uses to get its needs met, as well as its self-protective and self-actualizing behaviors. Order a General Report on your Striving Style today!


Also available in DIGITAL FORMAT ($15.00)

Leveraging Your Squad Report

Learn how to get your Squad working for you today! Understanding the role each Striving Style plays in your personality and how each improves and enhances the functioning of the others, is key to the fulfillment of your potential.

Once you understand your Striving Style and its predominant need, the next step is to learn how to leverage your Striving Style Squad. With the knowledge provided in this report, you will understand how your brain is organized and how it works most efficiently. You will learn how to shift gears when you need to, drawing on the strengths and abilities of the other members of your Squad, rather than only using your Predominant Style.


Also available in DIGITAL FORMAT ($15.00)

Who Are You Meant To Be?

Order your signed copy of our book today!

This book blends new brain science with a century old personality system to show you why most people live in survival using behaviors, thinking patterns and beliefs that keep them there. It introduces the Striving Styles Personality System and shows people how to become who they are meant to be.


Discontinued General Report Set

Purchase a set of our discontinued General Reports, one for each Style for a savings of $150. These discontinued reports contain the same information on the Style as the current reports, but have different content at the beginning and the end. Excellent as a resource to support your learning and application as a SSPS Practitioner. All 8 of the Striving Styles are included in the set: Adventurer, Artist, Inellectual, Leader, Performer, Socializer, Stabilizer and Visionary. Quantities are limited. 


Set of Discontinued General & Leadership Style Reports + Bonus: 16 Summary Reports

Purchase a set of discontinued General & Leadership Style Reports and receive 2 Summary Reports on each Style. A total savings of $450.

A comprehensive resource kit to support your learning and application as a SSPS Practitioner. Our Summary Reports are 4-pages and serve as a great as a quick reference or for promotional purposes.
Package includes a set of our discontinued General Reports and Leadership Style Reports (one for each Style) and two Summary Reports for each Style. Quantities are limited!!