Individual, Relationship & Career

Individual, Relationship & Career

Don't settle for a one-size-fits-all, superficial assessment tool when what your clients need is a customized, in-depth approach to overcome challenges in their lives, relationships and careers. The SSPS provides you with a “user manual” for your clients to achieve their potential.

The Striving Styles Personality System takes your work with clients to the next level by providing you with a systematic approach to building self-awareness and emotional intelligence. No matter if you're a coach, therapist, counselor, social worker or other practitioner, the SSPS provides the depth of insight you can't get anywhere else.

While the MBTI® and similar tools stop at assessment, only the Striving Styles adds the crucial next step: development based on emotional maturation and brain repatterning. With our unique Roadmap for Development, you can show clients how to direct their energy in the pursuit of their goals. The SSPS delivers a powerful impact, but it's made up of straightforward strategies that are simple for clients to implement.

Fast-Track Your Clients' Results

One of the most attractive features of the SSPS is just how fast your clients will see immediate results. The SSPS eliminates weeks, months or even years of getting to your client’s issues by quickly identifying their emotional needs, dysfunctional relationship patterns and self-protective behaviors. After this identification step, the "Now what?" question that other assessments just can't address is answered with the SSPS  Roadmap for Development. It allows clients to immediately make choices that move them out of ‘survival mode’ and towards self-actualizing.

If you've been frustrated with the stagnation and lack of results with your MBTI® work, you'll appreciate the SSPS — it eliminates the guesswork. It takes you beyond Jungian-based assessments by looking at the drivers of behavior, not just the behavior itself.

Put Your Client in the Driver’s Seat

With the Roadmap for Development, the SSPS helps you chart a course for your client's development. You'll be able to build a customized strategy for growth depending on how your client's brain is organized. They'll feel more in control of their own development, and you'll feel more in control as you consciously guide their development using the Roadmap. The SSPS is truly a "win-win" situation.

Your first step is exploring our free introductory webinar, a concise presentation that will immediately get you familiarized with the Striving Styles Personality System. Start today: your clients will thank you! 



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