Self-Actualizing vs. Self-Protective Systems

Self-Actualizing vs. Self-Protective Systems

How do you move people toward real, sustainable development, in business or at home? Discover how the Striving Styles Personality System overcomes limiting self-protective behaviors with a powerful needs-based framework. It's the only one of its kind.

Your challenge is helping your clients or employees overcome the ingrained self-protective behaviors that govern most everything in their lives, in their relationships and at work. When energy is focused on living in the Self-Protective System, there's no energy left to channel emotion in a positive direction in order to achieve potential. Break through with the Striving Styles Personality System, which puts the energy back where it belongs.

Understand the Two Emotional Systems

The SSPS provides insight into the two separate emotional systems in the brain — love and fear. When we're fearful, we activate the Self-Protective System. When we feel pleasure and other positive emotions like love or inspiration, we activate the Self-Actualizing System.

Your goal is to help people consciously activate their Self-Actualizing System. Only the SSPS offers the tools that allow access to this essential bedrock of the human experience. Odds are, your current assessment tool simply does not emphasize the underlying emotions driving behavior. If you're ready to take your program to the next level and deliver real results for your clients or organization, you need to understand and channel emotion. The SSPS is your key.  

Building Confidence or Undermining It?

The two emotional systems just described govern so much of our behavior. It follows that insight into these systems can be applied to all facets of life, from relationships to parenting to education to leadership to employee engagement and more. And that's what makes the SSPS so exciting. One system, one toolkit, can be applied to any situation.

By contrast, if you feel limited by the MBTI® or other assessments, you may in fact reduce confidence if clients or employees are given an overwhelming amount of knowledge they don't know what to do with ("information overload"), or that doesn't seem to apply to a specific challenging aspect of their life.

The choice is yours: get a clear roadmap to self-actualization with the SSPS, or continue with assessments that trigger self-protective behaviors that cripple development.

Why take the risk? Become a SSPS Practitioner today.


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Get your clients to stop living in their Self Protective System.

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