Parenting Styles

Parenting Styles

Each of us has a preferred way to parent based on our Striving Style™ - how we are most likely to act to get our predominant needs met with our children.

People are often so anxious about being ‘good’ parents, rather than effective, that they are oblivious to what their children actually need.When parents understand themselves, as well as their children’s needs, they are able to give their children an emotionally healthy childhood and the foundation for a happy future and achieving their potential.

The SSPS provides parents with tools that will lead to less judgment of, and reactivity to, behaviors that are different from their own; for creating more effective strategies for adapting their own style to enhance relating and communicating with their children, and; for supporting their children through their developmental years and into their future. 

8 Unique Parenting Styles

Most people wait until they have children before they realize that there is more to raising a secure and confident child than feeding and clothing them. Attuning to children’s needs; interpreting their emotions; and guiding their emergence into adulthood as their authentic self is at the heart of parenting.The Striving Styles Personality System helps you know what their needs are and what their emotionally driven behavior is saying. 

Helping Parents Help Their Children

If you are a practitioner in the field of child development or mental health, you know all too well the importance of parenting and the impact of being unaware of what our children need as individuals to be supported in their development towards becoming who they are meant to be.

The Striving Styles Personality System is an essential tool in parental counseling, which will provide parents with the insight to understand their child’s motivations, to minimize power struggles and to build stronger, life-long relationships. When counseling parents on their children’s needs, it is essential to understand that the process involves their understanding of their own needs as well, and how those may be different than those of their child. Using the SSPS, you will be able to identify their unique parenting style – how they are likely to act to get their own predominant needs met with their children. 

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