Despite everything we know about learning, students still struggle to achieve their potential and teachers still experience high levels of frustration. It doesn't have to be like this. Use the Striving Styles to "switch on" the desire to learn.

Reaching students, figuring them out, has become the central challenge facing teachers. After speaking and working with educators over the years, we received a message loud and clear: we need a way to motivate, excite, and engage our students. And we don't have time to waste with a complicated system that takes too long to produce results. It's in this spirit that we've brought the revolutionary framework of Striving Styles to the classroom. And now, so can you.

Create Emotionally-Engaged Learning

The latest understandings in neuroscience prove that students are not passive sponges that simply soak up information. Learning is a whole brain activity, and real learning is done through acquiring knowledge, caring, and experience. SSPS shows you step-by-step how to accomplish better learning using simple strategies that make an immediate impact in the classroom.

One such strategy involves activating the "on-off switch” to learning. When this emotional switch is "off," we have only the potential to learn. But when the switch is "on" — when students care about, are excited by, and are engaged by the topic and the teacher — the pathway to learning is open. The SSPS shows you the switch for you students.

Bring the Benefits to Educators and Students

The tangible outcomes you'll achieve with the SSPS are immediate, sustainable, and surprisingly easy to accomplish. With the SSPS, you will:

  • Maximize effectiveness on both sides of the teacher-student relationships
  • Identify the learning styles and needs of students
  • Gain concrete strategies for supporting students to maximize their learning
  • Overcome behavioral or learning challenges that interfere with success in school
  • Help students be everything they can be in the classroom

A revolution in the classroom is just a few clicks away! The SSPS toolkit contains special reports and webinars just for teachers and practitioners involved in educational development. Join our Qualifying Program to get started right away.

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