Theory & Science Behind the SSPS

Theory & Science Behind the SSPS

The Striving Styles Personality System is the difference between merely knowing personality type and actually understanding what to do with that knowledge. A multi-disciplinary approach sheds light on the mechanics of the mind and helps clients and employees achieve their potential as human beings.

Based on neuroscience and a seamless integration of the work of leading theorists, the Striving Styles provides you with a way to understand and direct the functioning of the brain. Our approach is both comprehensive and easy to understand — the best of both worlds.  

The following is an overview of theory and science behind the SSPS, including the authors that, together, provide a truly powerful framework for your practice or organization's development programs.

Four Quadrants of the Brain

The SSPS is based on the four quadrant model of the brain which shows how functional aspects of personality, thinking and behavior is organized in the brain. It demonstrates that by understanding how our brain is hard-wired at birth, we can gain insight into ourselves and drive our development.   

  • Psychological Type – Jung
  • Brain Lateralization, Dominance & Specialization – Sperry, Hermann, Benziger   

Drivers of Human Behavior

The SSPS incorporates how our brain is wired to ensure our survival and how our needs motivate us to self-actualize. It considers the importance of secure bonding in relationships as critical to our psychological stability and security.

  • Needs – Maslow, Murray, Herzberg
  • Evolutionary Brain & Its Systems – MacLean, Panksepp
  • Attachment - Bowlby, Ainsworth

Development Approaches

Unique in its inclusion of a comprehensive developmental approach, the focus of the SSPS is on creating self-awareness; the ability to direct behavior by responding, rather than reacting; and to create neural pathways in the brain that lead to using the whole brain. 

  • Neuroplasticity of the Brain – Doidge, Swartz
  • Affective Neuroscience, Emotional & Social Brain Development – Goleman, Siegel
  • Mindfulness – Kabat-Zinn
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy – Beck, Maultsby, Burns

Ready to take advantage of leading-edge science and the unique integration of all of these theories? Become an SSPS Practitioner. Only the Striving Styles Personality System delivers all this in a way that makes sense for you and for your clients or employees.


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