Who Are You Meant to Be? Book

Who Are You Meant to Be? Book

This book blends new brain science with a century old personality system to show you why most people live in survival using behaviors, thinking patterns and beliefs that keep them there. It introduces the Striving Styles Personality System and shows people how to become who they are meant to be.

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Who Are You Meant to Be? reveals an entirely new way of understanding human behavior and, most significantly, will help people realize their own potential to live happy and fulfilled lives by breaking free of self-protective behaviors that limited their growth. It provides insight into how they can use the abilities and inclinations they are born with to achieve what they are born for. It allows readers to identify which of the eight Striving Styles is truest to their natural make-up. Once we are aware of our predominant need, we can begin to structure our lives in ways that will ensure this need is met.       

Who Are You Meant to Be? is the first book that combines revolutionary new findings about brain science with a fresh take on how personality affects behavior. It presents an entirely new and comprehensive approach to unlocking our capabilities: The Striving Styles Personality System. This book will show readers how to deliberately redirect powerful instinctive and emotional energies into constructive actions. It will provide them with the tools they need to actively shift from survival mode into striving mode—the key to allowing them to reach their full potential.  

You Don't Have to Leave Your Future to Chance

Who Are You Meant to Be? A Groundbreaking Step-by-Step Process for Discovering and Achieving Your True Potential helps people make critical and sometimes life-altering connections more consciously so they take the right steps towards living happier, more balanced lives based on meeting their needs and fulfilling their potential. It shows us how to acknowledge our capacity to live life to the fullest and allows us to take the risks required to move out of our comfort zones and make our dreams a reality.

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Who Are You Meant to Be? is a must have for anyone wanting to understand themselves and others in order to live a more satisfying, fulfilling life. READ EXCERPTS FROM THE BOOK...

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Inspired by our children, our family, our clients and our friends, we wrote Who Are You Meant to Be? to give people a "user manual" for themselves. Watch our interview.

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