Build Self-Awareness and Develop New Habits of Mind


Build Self-Awareness and Develop New Habits of Mind

Striving Styles offers insight into how you can build self-awareness and develop new habits of mind to achieve good mental health rather than taking a pill to cure you.   

The mysteries of the mind are no longer as mysterious as they were 20 years ago. Brain imaging is a fairly recent discipline in the field of medicine and neuroscience. It consists of structural imaging, dealing with the overall structure of the brain and diagnosis of disease and injury, and functional imaging, used for neurological and cognitive science research and building brain-computer interfaces. Functional imaging is what we are most concerned with as it allows us to look at what happens in the brain as information comes in from our five senses and which parts of the brain are “lit up" or visualized directly instead of by simple clinical inference.

Our understanding of how the brain develops during childhood provides us with insight into how we can help our children become self-aware and tend to their predominant need, so that they can develop emotional intelligence and prevent mental illness. Sadly our educational system does not focus on fostering good mental health or strong connections with friends and nurturing adults. Kids mostly survive school, doing their best to adapt and meet the expectations of the environment without taking into consideration their needs. In the US, data show that only 29 percent of sixth- through 12th-grade students report that their schools provide caring, encouraging environments. Another 30 percent of high school students say they engage in high-risk behaviors, such as substance use, sex, violence and even suicide attempts.

The Striving Styles is a revolutionary approach to understanding how people develop emotional and social intelligence, increasing the likelihood that they will become the person they are meant to be.

We are born with a physiological imprint or pattern of energy that form our personality and nature. These patterns of energy are available for us to use from the time we are born and determine our behaviour from the time of our first breath. Our initial striving is to survive and the observation of babies will show how differently this striving is communicated. Some babies cry with their whole being, as though the feeling of hunger and the distress it causes is overwhelming to them. Others wait to be fed, not bothering to assert themselves for their needs.

With what is now understood about producing change in the brain and improving our lives, we have great hope that building self-awareness through understanding your Striving Style and taking a need satisfaction approach to becoming the person you are meant to be.  The Striving Styles Personality System provides is a model for repatterning the brain and strengthening mental health. Going from where you are to where you want to be requires an investment in time, energy and focus, but is no more complicated than learning how to tie your shoes or ride a bike. Learn how to become the person you were meant to be now!