Learn What Each Section of the Book Covers


Learn What Each Section of the Book Covers

Who Are You Meant to Be?

Section I: An Introduction to the Striving Styles Personality System

The section will provide the psychological and theoretical foundation for the Striving Styles Personality System. Drawing on the works of psychological and personality theorists, it integrates new understandings of neurobiology and brain development into a concise, easy to understand system for creating mental health. It offers insight into why we have more information available and yet there is more mental illness is on the increase. It includes the Striving Styles Assessment so readers are able to determine their Personality Style.

Section II: The Eight Striving Styles

This section contains a chapter on each of the eight Striving Styles. Within each chapter each of the Styles is explained as follows: General Information; As Children; Key Self-Actualizing vs. Self-Protective Behaviors; Blind Spots; What Causes Stress; Typical Behavior During Stress; Tips for Shifting from Self-Protective to Self-Actualizing Behaviors. With examples of behaviors for each of the Striving Styles, typical situations from client examples and relevant research will be provided.

Section III: Living Who You Are Meant to Be

In the concluding section, readers will see how to use the Striving Styles Personality System in all aspects of their lives. It will demonstrate how an understanding of their Style and that of others – in relationships; at work; with parents; with children; in education – will enhance the success of interactions and lead to the development of mental health through satisfying their predominant need. It allows the reader to get on the path to becoming who they are meant to be.