SSPS Conversion Tool for the MBTI

SSPS Conversion Tool for the MBTI

Frustrated with the developmental limitations of Jungian-based approaches such as the MBTI®? Interested in leveraging advances in brain science in your work with Type, without having to re-assess your clients? By using our SSPS Conversion Tool, you can quickly convert MBTI scores into Striving Style results for 1/2 the price. 

Whether you know only your MBTI Type (4-letter code) or your full MBTI scores, you will receive a Striving Style Assessment Report showing your Predominant Style and Squad. If you know your scores, your Striving Style Results chart will be completed. Note: Completing the full SSPS assessment provides the most accurate results.

As the MBTI and the Striving Styles are both based on Jung's Theory of Pscyhological Type, we are able to convert MBTI scores to Striving Style scores with a fair degree of validity. 



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