MBTI® - SSPS Qualifying Program for Myers-Briggs Practitioners

MBTI® - SSPS Qualifying Program for Myers-Briggs Practitioners

Discover how you can integrate knowledge of brain functioning and development with your expertise in MBTI & personality type. 

Gain a whole new perspective on each Type - why they behave the way they do and how to help them to achieve their potential. Get the tools you need to work with clients to understand the mechanics of their minds so they can direct how it functions and how it feels. See how you can build on your knowledge of type to work with clients at a deeper level, quickly helping them to break longstanding patterns of behavior that get in the way of their development and behavioral change.

Designed specifically to help MBTI® or other Jungian-based assessment practitioners to make the transition to using the Striving Styles Personality System in their developmental programs and approaches, this 7-week live, online program fast tracks your understanding of the integration of Jung's Theory with the latest advances in needs theory (drivers of behavior), emotional intelligence, neuroscience and brain development.

Dates: Every Friday from May 24th - July 5th, from 11am EDT - 1pm EDT

The Benefits

Discover the innate, psychological needs connected to each of the 4 functions and attitudes (e.g., Te, Ti); learn how to develop the whole brain in order to access all four functions/quadrants; understand how the Self-Protective and Self-Actualizing Systems of the brain influence behavior and how to shift; and, find out how to give your clients a roadmap for development absed on their own brain organization. 

As a SSPS Qualified Practioner, you have access to discounts of 50% on all products, specialized resources and support as well as our Practitioner Portal which allows you to self-administer the assessment and our products to your clients directly. Not an MBTI or Jungian Practitioner? Sign up for our SSPS Qualifying Program instead.

About the Program

This is a live online progam that runs for 7 weeks, 2-hours per week. In addition to the live webinars, you be able to access recorded webinars from the program as well as all the modules included in our regular Qualifying Program for reference. In addition, the price of the program includes the SSPS Assessment, a digital General Report based on your Predominant Style and Leveraging Your Squad Report (a $295 savings) .

The program is facilitated by Heather Dranitsaris-Hilliard, co-creator of the Striving Styles. She is a behavioral change expert with more than 20 years experience developing leaders and teams in organizations as well as working with individuals around personal development, career management, relationship effectiveness, parenting and learning. Prior to creating the SSPS, she was a long-time user of the MBTI in her development, change and coaching programs.

At the end of the program, you will be required to write an online test and receive at least 80% in order to become an SSPS Qualified Practitioner. 

Dates: Every Friday from May 24th - July 5th, from 11am EDT - 1pm EDT

Note: you must purchase the entire program; individual modules are not available for sale. However, if you missed the start of the live program, you can still register and then catch up through the recorded webinars. 

Special Offer - Individuals completing this Qualifying program will receive 10 free assessments upon becoming a SSPS Practitioner, a value of $250!

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