SSPS Resource Guide for MBTI Practitioners - Fast-track your conversion to the SSPS

SSPS Resource Guide for MBTI Practitioners - Fast-track your conversion to the SSPS

Take your expertise in personality type to the next level by integrating neuroscience, needs theory and emotional intelligence into your approach with the Striving Styles Personality System. This comprehensive Resource Guide written specifically for Myers-Briggs (MBTI) practitioners provides you with all the information you need to get started using the SSPS today.

WIth the purchase of the Resouce Guide and an SSPS Assessment, you will gain all the benefits of being a Striving Styles Qualified Practitioner including the ability to administer the assessment to your clients and discounts of 50% on all products as well as access to specialized resources for practitioners. 

Building from your knowledge of functions and attitudes, the Resource Guide shows you:

  • the innate, psychological needs that drive each of the 16 MBTI Types and the patterns of behavior that emerge when the needs are not being met
  • how the four functions are rooted in the brain, the role they are intended to play and how they are accessed by each of the 16 MBTI Types
  • how to change behavior and achieve potential by integrating the four functions through brain development
  • the developmental roadmaps for each of the 16 Types based on brain organization
  • a comprehensive understanding of the four quadrants of the brain, the Self-Protective and Self-Actualizing Systems of the brain, each of the eight Striving Styles including their needs, how the brain learns and developments, 5 building blocks to achieving potential and the SSPS Developmental Roadmap


Coming Soon

100 page, wire bound, soft cover report

Report ships within 2 business days. 

Published by SKE Inc. Printed in Canada.


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