Four Functions of Your Brain

Four Functions of Your Brain

If you understand your brain, you can direct and influence how it functions and how it feels.

Learn about the four functions of your brain, their innate talents and capabilities, and the implications for self-actualizing. Understand the connection between the four quadrants of our brain and the role each plays in your life.

Your brain is plastic and can be remolded with new connections, pathways, and new networks developing every single day. As the Dalai Lama stated, “The brain we develop reflects the life we lead.” The brain is malleable and ultimately represents the manifestation of what we choose to actually focus on and how we choose to live our lives. The more we pursue certain actions and thoughts the more the brain is changed physically and functionally.

What you will learn in this webinar:

  1. How your brain works and develops;
  2. How your brain is organized into four functions and the role of each of these functions;
  3. Impact of emotions on your brain's functioning;
  4. How to close the 'knowing-doing' gap; 
  5. 12 rules for optimizing your brain's health.

Who should view this webinar:

  1. Anyone who wants to fully understand how their brain is organized;
  2. Anyone seeking to use more of their brain's capacity;
  3. Anyone who wants to leverage their brain to become who they are meant to be.


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