Leadership & Team Development Services

Leadership & Team Development Services

SSPS Assessments & Reports

> Striving Styles™ Level I Assessment & Predominant Style Report (Leadership or Work Style)

The first step in any development program is self-awareness. The Striving Styles Personality Assessment provides individuals with an understanding of the innate needs that drive their behavior as well as how they utilize the four quadrants of their brain. Using this insight, they can ensure their needs are being met and that they are leveraging their whole brain in order to develop and achieve their potential as a leader or employees.

In addition to their Assessment Results, each participant receives a comprehensive report on either their Leadership Style or Work Style, depending on their role. This relates the information about their Style to the organizational context and provides information on developmental priorities.

> Maximizing Potential Reports

A great resource for managers and human resources, these 80-page reports provide valuable information about all eight of the Striving Styles in a single report. There are three reports available: Maximizing Employee Potential which describes the approach to working for each Style; Maximizing Leader Potential which describes the approach to leading for each Style; and, Maximizing Team Potential which describes how teams function based on the collective Style of the team.

SSPS Interpretation Sessions

> Individual Interpretation Session for Leaders

In the 1-½ hour session, individuals in leadership roles meet with a SSPS Leadership Coach to fully understand their Predominant Style, their Associate Styles and the implications for their approach to leading as well as the dynamics within the leadership team and/or with their direct reports. Participants receive coaching on any specific leadership challenges they are currently facing and developmental priorities are identified along with approaches to support.

> Individual Interpretation Session for Employees

In this 1-hour session, an employee meets with a SSPS Behavioral Expert to fully understand their Predominant Style, their Associate Styles and the implications for their approach to work. Participants receive coaching on any specific challenges they may be experiencing as well as approaches to developing further. Ideal for key or high potential employees, and/or where behavioral change is required to improve performance.

> Working Together Session for Individual Leaders

The focus of this session is to provide an individual leader with an understanding of the Styles of his/her direct reports and implications for performance, managing and communications. The dynamics that emerge due to the leader’s Style and those of the direct reports is explored. The leader is provided with specific strategies for enhancing working relationships with direct reports as well as addressing any current challenges. Note: duration varies based on number and Styles of direct reports.

> Joint Interpretation Session

Ideal for key relationships or reporting relationships, this 1-½ hour session focuses on strengthening the working relationship of the two individuals and addressing any patterns of behavior that might be getting in the way of business growth or job performance.

Facilitated Workshops & Group Sessions

> Working Together Team Session

(for a manager & his/her direct reports)

This is a 3-hour workshop during which individual and collective Styles are explored in order to strengthen working relationships and communications within a team of employees, as well as with their manager.  The session is highly interactive and engaging, providing a team-building experience to participants along with valuable insight into how to optimally work together based on an understanding of Style. Specific tactics to be used post-session are identified and agreed to.

> Achieving Team Potential Session (for Leadership Teams)

This is a 1-day customized workshop, best conducted offsite, during which individual and collective Styles are explored, implications for team dynamics discussed and strategies agreed to for enhancing team functioning. As every team experiences particular challenges based on the Styles as well as where it and the company are at in their evolution, so this session focuses on addressing team conflicts, barriers to success and other frustrations.  As well, team practices are reviewed to identify opportunities to strengthen functioning based on the team’s Style. This workshop provides the team with clear tactics for moving the team forward.

> Strategy Development & High Performance Team Building

Facilitated by a SSPS Leadership Expert, team dynamics and functioning are explored and addressed throughout the session while the group works on defining strategy, creating business plans and/or resolving business issues. Unlike stand-alone team building sessions, this approach gives leadership teams the opportunity to put their insight to use, break team behavioral patterns that get in the way of effective planning/issue management, and strengthen team effectiveness. A customized agenda is created for the session based on the desired outcomes and duration (typically 2 – 3 days).

> Aligning Culture with the Brand

Ensuring alignment between the organization’s brand and its culture is a critical step in any branding process. Using the SSPS, our Leadership Experts can provide insight into the degree to which the leadership team’s Styles are aligned with the brand and where gaps exist between who you want to be (brand) and who you are (Style). Strategies are determined to close the gaps and change management requirements identified in order to ensure the leaders are able to create a culture aligned with the brand.

> Follow-Up Team Sessions & Support

Scheduled about 90-days following the initial meeting (or sooner), these 90 minute sessions provide a facilitated check in around the execution of the plans established, functioning of the team and determination of next steps / additional requirements. In addition, support for developing and implementing identified tactics or tools is also available to ensure the team executes on its plans.

Leadership & Behavioral Change Coaching

> SSPS Coaching for Leaders

Can be included as part of a larger developmental program or as a stand-alone service, SSPS Coaches provide leaders with the one-to-one support required to strengthen their leadership practices, shift from self-protective behaviors and/or develop underutilized members of their Striving Style Squad in order to achieve their full potential as leaders. Goals are established at the beginning of the coaching process and progress is monitored to ensure success.

> Behavioral Change Coaching

Changing behavior is possible, but it is not easy. Our SSPS Coaches can work one-on-one or in small groups with employees who are struggling to make necessary changes in their behavior. Exploring with them ‘why’ they are behaving the way they are and the barriers for them to changing behavior based on their Style, employees are given a step-by-step approach to shifting their behavior.


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Help your leaders and teams to get to know their brain and what is driving their behavior. We offer a full range of development programs including interpretation sessions, facilitated workshops, and behavioral coaching using the brain-based approach of the Striving Styles.

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Too often leadership and team development programs fail to deliver the intended results and behavioral change. Find out the reasons why...

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Heather Dranitsaris-Hilliard is a behavioral change expert with more than 20 years experience working with organizations to eliminate dysfunction and embed the culture, talent management and leadership practices essential to achieving their strategy. She also coaches leaders and individuals to get to the next level of their career. Learn more...

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Nancy Dranitsaris is an SSPS Expert & Behavioral Change Coach with over 20 years experience working with individuals, teams and leaders to understand their personality and what is driving their behavior, as well as how to make changes in order to increase their impact and success. Learn more...