Relationship Style Report - Digital View

Relationship Style Report - Digital View

Tired of relationships that leave you unfulfilled or frustrated? Experiencing a breakdown in communication? Have you tried every possible solution, yet nothing seems to work?

Our Relationship Style reports will help you gain insight into your needs that must be met in order for you to have a happy, productive and satisfying relationship. Look at the needs of the other person by purchasing a report on their Style and learn how to communicate better with others in your relationships. Expedite the resolution of your conflicts and power struggles using the SSPS’s unique needs-based approach to relationships.


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36-page view only digital report


A link with detailed instructions will be sent to you via e-mail that will enable you access to the report. Or, it can be accessed under My Account / Reports


Please note, these reports are VIEW ONLY and cannot be printed or re-distributed.





Written by: Anne Dranitsaris, Heather Dranitsaris-Hilliard & Nancy Dranitsaris



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Relationships and Emotions

Build the foundation for effective relationships! This package provides you with the key tools for relationship development, including your Relationship Style Report, and the e-learning modules of Build Relationship Awareness and Master Relationship Care. 

With this package, you will learn:


  • How you approach your relationships and the needs that must be met;
  • How to observe others and recognize how they are feeling;
  • How to build tolerance for asking for what you need;
  • How to take responsibility for your relationships;
  • How to strengthen your relationships through empathy and needs satisfaction.