Build Relationship Care

Build Relationship Care

A relationship is like a garden; it must be cared for and tended in order for it to flourish.
- 5 Building Blocks to Achieving Your Potential

Too often, we go into relationships without any understanding of what it takes to care for them, or how to tolerate the natural dynamics that emerge. We can find ourselves reacting to the other person's behavior without understanding why, or adapting our own behavior to what we think they want from us. Either way, we struggle to negotiate to get our own needs met, while meeting the needs of the other person.

This webinar gives you the ability to manage your emotions in relationship to others and to tolerate their emotions about you. It supports you to build key social and relationship skills, including conflict management and communication skills that are essential to an effective relationship.

Length: 45 minutes



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Relationships and Emotions

Build the foundation for effective relationships! This package provides you with the key tools for relationship development, including your Relationship Style Report, and the e-learning modules of Build Relationship Awareness and Master Relationship Care. 

With this package, you will learn:


  • How you approach your relationships and the needs that must be met;
  • How to observe others and recognize how they are feeling;
  • How to build tolerance for asking for what you need;
  • How to take responsibility for your relationships;
  • How to strengthen your relationships through empathy and needs satisfaction.