Build Relationship Awareness

Build Relationship Awareness

It's not enough to know yourself; you must also understand and relate to others.
- 5 Building Blocks to Achieving Your Potential

Once you have developed self-awareness, you must build relationship awareness. This is critical to being able to have meaningful, functional relationships with the other people in your life. You must be able to bond and relate to others. Without relationship awareness, you are more likely to blame others or repeat patterns of behavior that get in the way of having the relationships you want. 

In this webinar, learn to see others as separate and different from you. Discover how to empathize and feel compassion for others. Build capacity to view things from the perspective of others and to appreciate differences in others.

Length: 45 minutes



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Relationships and Emotions

Build the foundation for effective relationships! This package provides you with the key tools for relationship development, including your Relationship Style Report, and the e-learning modules of Build Relationship Awareness and Master Relationship Care. 

With this package, you will learn:


  • How you approach your relationships and the needs that must be met;
  • How to observe others and recognize how they are feeling;
  • How to build tolerance for asking for what you need;
  • How to take responsibility for your relationships;
  • How to strengthen your relationships through empathy and needs satisfaction.