Move Beyond the MBTI® with the Striving Styles

Move Beyond the MBTI® with the Striving Styles

Interested in leveraging advances in brain science and emotional intelligence in your work with Type? Looking for a way to go from describing how people behave to why and what they can do about it? An evolution of Carl Jung's Theory and the MBTI®, Striving Styles offers you the power to do all that and more.

The Jungian concept of Psychological Type is extraordinarily valuable, but older systems like the MBTI® haven't successfully updated and integrated the Type model with all the advancements we've made in brain and emotional development. And you've probably experienced the consequences. Clients and business leaders are savvier than ever before and they demand expedited developmental programs that actually change behavior, not just describe it.

SSPS is Type taken to the next level, and your work with previous assessment tools means you have a great head start on adopting the SSPS to augment and improve your developmental programs and services.

Back to the Basics, but Blazing a Trail to the Future

The Striving Styles Personality System stays true to and goes further with Carl Jung’s Theory of Psychological Type by including:

  • psychological needs that must be met
  • the role of emotions in driving behavior and our development
  • self-protective vs self actualizing behavioral patterns
  • the four quadrants of the brain and their role in personality
  • how the brain develops through functional integration and rewiring of neural pathways
  • a complete system for development (SSPS Roadmap)
  • easy to relate to archetypes, rather than function codes

Now, you can build on what you already know about Psychological Type theory – adding behavioral sophistication, brain science, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness to your approach to development. With such a sophisticated, cross-disciplinary approach, just think of the added value you can provide to clients or members of your organization. 

Save Time, Save Money — Converting to the SSPS

We realize you may have spent considerable time and resources to learn and work with other systems such as the MBTI. But with Striving Styles, you can fast-track becoming a practitioner and you won't have to score your clients again. With our SSPS Conversion Tool, you have a quick and easy way to convert MBTI scores into a full Striving Styles report. No retesting, no inconvenience, and no wasted time with clients who have already taken the MBTI.

Leverage your existing understanding of Type and expedite client development with the neuro-psychological framework of the SSPS.

Check out our fast-track options for MBTI Practitioners, sign up for an introductory webinar or take the Assessment yourself to experience it first hand. It's the evolution you've been waiting for.

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With the lens of the Striving Styles, you can learn all about the brain organization as well as the innate needs that drive the behavior of each of the 16 MBTI Types. LEARN MORE...>