Personality & the Brain: A New Perspective on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Types

Personality & the Brain: A New Perspective on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Types

With the lens of the Striving Styles, you can learn all about the brain organization as well as the innate needs that drive the behavior of each of the 16 MBTI Types. It provides a way to understand the full human experience: how personality, needs, emotions, conditioning and brain development impact on behavior.

The Striving Styles Personality System builds on Jung's Theory as well as the pioneering work of Myers, Briggs and all the MBTI practitioners that have contributed to the body of knowledge surrounding the MBTI. It shows how psychological functions are embedded in our physiology and linked to our emotions. Most importantly, it gives people the wisdom and power they need to self-actualize by repatterning their brains.

Four Quadrants of the Brain

Jung believed we have four mental functions in consciousness, meaning that our brain has four distinct areas in which these functions are located. He also believed that we use these functions in either an inwardly or outwardly way. The MBTI was the first effective tool for sorting the Jungian functions and attitudes into the most to least favorite. 

Through advances in neuroscience, we now know that our brain has four quadrants, each with their own role to play in our personality and in consciousness. We have learned that our brain is neurally wired to use one brain function over the others and that the functions are wired to communicate to each other over time. Meaning, each specialized function is necessary for us to achieve our potential as human beings.

Learn about the brain organization and the innate psychological needs of each MBTI Type as well as how to develop the whole brain of each Type by clicking below.

Upper Left Rational Brain - Defining Function

Extroverted Thinking: ENTJ or ESTJ      

Introverted Thinking: INTP or ISTP

Upper Right Rational Brain - Interpreting Function

Extroverted Intuition: ENTP or ENFP

Introverted Intuition: INTJ or INFJ

Lower Right Emotional Brain - Relating Function

Extroverted Feeling: ENFJ or ESFJ

Introverted Feeling: INFP or ISFP

Lower Left Emotional Brain - Experiencing Function

Extroverted Sensing: ESFP or ESTP

Introverted Sensing: ISFJ or ISTJ

Not sure what your MBTI Type is? Take the Striving Styles Personality Assessment and get a new perspective on what's driving your behavior.

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Striving Styles, MBTI, Jung & Four Quadrants of the Brain

Jung identified four distinct functions, and theorized that each was used in an inwardly or outwardly way. We now know through brain research that each of these functions is rooted in a different quadrant of the brain. DOWNLOAD OUR WHITE PAPER

Striving Styles & MBTI Types

True to Jung's Theory, the SSPS identifies 8 unique psychological types, 2 of which reside in each quadrant of the brain. By combining one Style from each quadrant, we can match to the 16 MBTI types. The Styles are easy to relate to and understand what it means for the individual.
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