Organizational Development & Talent Management

Organizational Development & Talent Management

Your business is concerned with ROI; why shouldn't your personality assessment be? The Striving Styles Personality System adds real value to any business and quickly proves its worth for human resource professionals, entrepreneurs, leaders, teams and employees alike. It quickly alleviates dysfunctions that often emerge on at work and fast-tracks behavioral change.

Too often, outdated personality assessment models don't deliver real results for organizations. They're either too complicated, too superficial, or simply based on old science or ways of thinking. Don't you think it's time for something new, something better, something incorporating the original Jungian concept of personality type but updated with our latest understandings of brain science? 

SSPS is about one thing: organizational effectiveness at every level that impacts your business. We liken Striving Styles to a user manual for people. To provide this, it uniquely considers the needs that drive behavior and provides a step-by-step framework for how to repattern our brains for lasting behavioral change and maximized performance.

Chart Your Roadmap to Success with Striving Styles

SSPS is different. Easy to understand needs-based assessment is combined with a systematic development process which aligns the dynamic behaviors of your team members with the strategic goals of your business. SSPS attacks the root causes of organizational problems, not just the symptoms. The result? Remarkable change and remarkable growth for your business.

By incorporating the Striving Styles into your organizational development programs, you will:

  • Quickly move leaders from “knowing” to “doing”
  • Eliminate dysfunction and power struggles in teams and across functions
  • Shift organizational culture, including longstanding employee habits of mind
  • Minimize resistance to change and increase rate of adoption
  • Build high performance teams and organizational culture
  • Foster high levels of employee engagement and career satisfaction
  • Select, promote and retain the right talent for your business
  • Maximize leader, team, employee and entrepreneurial potential

Success Starts with People. Success Starts with SSPS

Get clients to stop being at the mercy of their unconscious impulses, emotions and habits of mind that get in the way of achieving individual, team and organizational potential. Learn about the powerful, innate needs that drive behavior and how to meet those needs in order for leaders, teams and employees to develop. Find out what really engages your people. Expedite the development of your leaders and employees with the Striving Styles, truly a user manual for people.  

Learn why the Striving Styles Personality System is the best way to fuel business growth. Integrate our unique assessment and development  resources for leaders and employees or leverage the expertise of our team of behavioral change consultants. 


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