Our Behavioral Change & Organizational Consulting Expertise

Our Behavioral Change & Organizational Consulting Expertise

With over 60 years of combined experience working with executives, entrepreneurs, teams and individuals, the creators of the Striving Styles offer a unique lens for understanding what is driving behavior and how to break longstanding patterns that get in the way of success.

We bring the perspective and expertise necessary to quickly alleviate organizational dysfunction as well as expedite leadership and team development. Using the Striving Styles Personality System, we get at the behavioral patterns of leaders and teams that limit organizational performance by:

  • building self-awareness based on innate needs that must be met and how these needs influence behavior;
  • showing how the brain is organized and how to develop the whole brain based on the latest research in neuroscience;
  • eliminating team dysfunctions, power struggles and patterns of behavior that undermine team functioning and the achievement of results;
  • moving people through their fears in order to work through their resistance to change and learning as well to live their own potential;
  • showing leaders how their Predominant Striving Style contributes to performance and accountability gaps as well as how to engage other parts of their personality to increase their impact and satisfaction in their role.

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Our Competitive Advantage

We created our developmental framework to address the limitations of existing assessment approaches. Having used them with clients for over 60 years, we knew first hand how people were still struggling to change their behavior, despite learning about their type, color, profile or thinking style. With the Striving Styles, our clients quickly learn how to break long standing patterns of behavior that get in teh way of personal, team, leadership and organizational success. By giving clients the wisdom and the power to consciously direct behavior, they are able to move beyond the fear and dysfunction that gets in the way of building sustainable high performance cultures.

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